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Quality Policies

Quality Philosophy

Techno Print gives importance to "Product Making" in order to offer valued products to costomers with Q(Quality), C(Cost), D(Delivery date) and S(service) in mind and to cntribute to society.

Quality Policies

Date of enactment April 3, 2017

  1. In order to improve customer satisfaction and provide valuable products and services, we will establish a quality management system and continuously maintain and improve the set quality targets and management system.
  2. We comply with applicable requirements and information on stakeholders closely related to our company, monitor and review it.
  3. We aim to nurture superior human resources and strive for quality improvement.
  4. We inform this to all people working for our company and also disclose it outside the company including stakeholders.

Techno Print co.,ltd.
President Masatake Yoshida

Environmental Policies

Environmental Philocophy

Techno Print Co., Ltd. recognizes that its business activities are deeply involved in the environment and contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the regional and global environment through business activities.

Environmental Policies

Date of enactment April 3, 2017

  1. We will strive to reduce environmental burden at all stages of our business activities.
    1. Reduce the use of resources and energy.
    2. We will thoroughly separate waste and reduce emissions.
    3. We thoroughly manage appropriate chemical substances and other substances and promote environmental pollution prevention.
  2. We comply with laws, regulations, ordinances and external requirements related to the environment to which we agree, grasp the situation of stakeholders, monitor and review.
  3. Establish an environmental management system for environmental protection and pollution prevention and periodically review the set environmental objectives and targets to continuously maintain and improve it.
  4. This policy will be publicized to everyone who works for us and will be made public to the general public.

Techno Print co.,ltd.
President Masatake Yoshida

ISO-Certified Company

TECHNO PRINTING CO., LTD. Has acquired ISO 2015 certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 from the ISO certification body JQA.

ISO9001 ISO9001


ISO14001 ISO14001


Declaration of SDGs


SDGsTechno Print Co., Ltd.

SDGs Declaration

We support the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" advocated by the United Nations, and through proactive efforts,
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

December 1, 2022
Techno Print Co., Ltd.
President Masatake Yoshida

Efforts to achieve SDGs


We value our commitment to manufacturing, and contribute to society by providing our customers with valuable Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), and S (service).

【Main efforts】

  • Obtained quality management system (ISO9001)
  • Establishment of a system to guarantee quality, such as responding to complaints from customers
  • Implementation of customer satisfaction surveys and efforts to improve customer satisfaction

Human rights/labor

We aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment, taking into consideration the safety and health of our employees.

【Main efforts】

  • Promoting employee health maintenance through health checkups
  • Employee education and qualification acquisition using seminars
  • Encouraging employees to take annual paid leave
  • Continued employment of elderly employees who wish to work
  • Maternity leave, childcare leave, taking special leave for nursing care


Recognizing that our business activities are deeply related to the environment, we will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the local and global environment.

【Main efforts】

  • environmental management system (ISO14001)
  • Reducing electricity consumption by reviewing equipment operation methods equipment operation methods
  • Thorough separation of waste
  • Appropriate final treatment of factory wastewater
  • Reducing power consumption by switching to LED lighting
  • Introduction of solar power generation system
  • Prohibition of use of environmental pollutants

Social Contribution/Regional Contribution

We aim to create a social environment where people can live safely and securely.

【Main efforts】

  • Implementation of local cleaning activities
  • Implementation of eco-cap campaign

What are SDGs?

Abbreviation of Sustainable Development Goals.
Organized into 17 goals and 169 targets (adopted by the United Nations in September 2015).

Local contribution activities

5S activities


We conduct thorough 5S activities and local community clean-up activities in order to produce both excellent products and a beautiful working environment.

Community clean-up

As part of our various contributions to the community, we are currently conducting a local clean-up effort. Our current community activities are regularly updated on the Top Page.

Eco-cap activities

The objectives of these activities are to promote recycling, reduce CO2 emissions, promote the employment of people with disabilities and provide medical assistance to developing countries through gains from the sale of chips.
If the pet bottle bottom is mixed with general building, it will be incinerated and become a source of CO2, and if it is landfilled, it will contaminate the soil and destroy the global environment.
We separate petroleum bottles and chips to promote recycling, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide medical assistance to developing countries (through the NPO Nippon Promotion Association).

Eco-cap activities

Cumulative results:146,432 (as of August 2023)
CO2 reduction: 1,072.7 kg (CO2 generated when the total cap is incinerated as garbage)