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Film formation processing

Until now, all the film formation processes had been processed by a partner company, but this time we have introduced a spatter film formation machine and it is


Do you have such an experience when you requested the film formation process?

  • "Oh No, can't you clean the board?"
  • "Is the film formation condition only one condition per batch?”
  • "Is the number of 1 batch fixed? 2 batches if the number increases even by 1?”
  • "Well, does it take more than 2 months for delivery if you ask for film formation to patterning?"
  • "Is there any place to handle from the arrangement of the glass substrate?"
  • "Can you arrange from the glass substrate?"
  • "Is there a place that can respond flexibly in small lots?”
  • "Can I ask you to arrange a case after film formation?"
  • "Is it possible to process everything from patterning after film formation to individual piece cutting in one go?"


Features of technoprint sputter film formation processing

  • If necessary, we can clean the substrate before film formation.
  • We will consider short delivery time for small lots. * Note 1
  • The number of processed sheets can be flexibly handled from 1 sheet in small lots.
  • We can flexibly handle from one small lot.
  • It is also possible to notify the peeling test result after film formation and start processing. * Note 2
  • We handle everything from film formation to patterning and individual piece cutting.
  • Short delivery time can be achieved even with multilayer film patterning via an interlayer insulating film. * Note 3
  • For sizes, film types, and quantities that cannot be handled by our company, we will cooperate with our partner companies.

* Note 1, 2, 3, there are conditions for compatible film types, sizes, and quantities, so please contact us for details.

Spatter film forming machine

Spatter film forming machine

Corresponding size(mm)Specifications / Remarks
RF・DC power supply・Reverse spattering possible
Corresponding TGT Cu, Ti, Cr, Ni, Au, Al etc.