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Thin-film Patterning Processing

Q. Do you handle from Vacuum coating to Patterning throughout?

A. We will propose the most suitable by cooperating with vacuum coating manufacture.

Q. How fast is "quick delivery"?

A. It's presupposing that there are a substrate and a mask, but it's 3 days at the least.

Q. The kind of data on a provision drawing?

A. CAD data (dwg dxf.) is desirable, but if it's the rough pattern, even a illustration is OK.

Q. Can you arrange a Mask?

A. It can be arranged by us.

Q. The substrate shape by which processing is possible?

A. It's also possible a square and a circle.

Q. what's process of etching ?

A. It's a wet etching basically.

Q. The thickness of the substrate which processing is possible?

A. 0.1mm~6mm. It's depend on that condition.

Q. The film thickness by which processing is possible?

A. 0.01μm~2μm. It's depend on the film kind and patterning precision. Please inquire for more information.

Q. Packing method?

A. We'll propose the most suitable way by the size product specification.

G/G Touch Panel

Q. What's kind of the touch panel system?

A. Glass/Glass analog 4wire resistive touch panel.

Q. Can you handle the (G/F) resistive Touch panel?

A. Basically, G/G (glass/glass), but please inquire with specification.

Q. Can it be customized?

A. Yes. Even a small lot undertakes work.

Q. What kind of customization can be done?

A. ”The size ”of the glass ”the thickness”, ”the weighting pressure” and ”the location of flexible cable are being handled variously.

Q. How many is MOQ?

A. It also depends on standard items, customized items and number of inches, etc., so please inquire.